Networking following a conference panel. Photo: Don Motheman

“TransCultural Exchange”
Art New England
Jan/Feb 2016
By Meg Pier


This February, a diverse gathering of more than 400 artists from around the world will brave Boston’s winter weather to convene for the fifth annual TransCultural Exchange Conference (TCE). Drawn together to explore synergies, collaborations and connections, attendees will include artists, artist-in-residency directors, critics, curators, engineers, gallery dealers, and scientists from more than 40 countries. Equal parts laboratory, think tank, marketplace and schmooze-fest, TCE has a devoted and growing following of artists from a range of disciplines seeking to expand their horizons creatively and professionally.

“TCE is a sort of quiet cultural Davos—free range, open, exploratory,” said Thaddeus Beal, a Boston painter. “The difference is the posturing inherent in Davos. The art world is also infamous for that kind of posing, fancy clothes, slick salesmanship and incomprehensible rhetoric.”

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