G. West “Westy” Saltonstall at work in his Boston office, which is filled with nautical artifacts and mementos. The masted ship he’s facing is painted on a ship’s hatch cover.

“Love of country and ‘Old Ironsides’ inspires former Marine’s nautical collection,”

Antique Trader News
August 1, 2012
By Meg Pier

A visitor to G. West “Westy” Saltonstall’s office could be forgiven for thinking he had mistakenly stumbled into a small gallery of maritime Americana. The glass-enclosed space overlooking a glittering Boston Harbor is a fitting home for the wealth management professional’s collection — which is nautical in nature.The sea, a sense of place and “home” anchor Westy’s interest in antiques.“I’m a Marine; I’m a sailor; I’m a historian; I’m a traditionalist; I’m part of an old Boston family and old Boston investment firm Eaton Vance,” he said.Read the complete article Click Here.