“Slovenia Puts a Bee in the U.N.’s Bonnet to Take Kranjichi Culture Global”
The Huffington Post
May 2016
By Meg Pier


Slovenia is a nation of beekeepers, and the country has launched a campaign to have the United Nations declare May 20 as “World Bee Day.” Slovenia’s beekeeping culture was the focus of my travels there, and I discovered that apiculture is a blend of art, science and philosophy.

On a bright spring morning, I set off from the idyllic lakeside resort town of Bled to meet one of Slovenia’s 10,000 beekeepers and see for myself why the country has such widespread affection and respect for the Carniolan honeybee.

Travelling on a winding rural road near the Austrian border, I was enchanted with the picturesque countryside, heavily blanketed with swathes of beech, oak, spruce and pine. Slovenia is Europe’s third most-forested country, with 60% of its land covered in trees. I was soon to learn this all made for happy bees.

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