Decentralizing South Africa’s Health Systems

aselph-logoThomas Bossert has built a career focused on global health. At the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), in Boston, Bossert is Senior Lecturer on Global Health Policy in the school’s Department of Global Health and Population. He’s also Director of the school’s International Health Systems Program, a multidisciplinary team of faculty, scholars and experts. Through research, training and technical assistance, that team works to improve health and living standards for the disadvantaged in countries including Ghana, Chile, Pakistan and China. 

 Bossert is responsible for HSPH’s partnership in South Africa’s Albertina Sisulu Executive Leadership Programme in Health (ASELPH). The other partners are South Africa Partners, the University of Pretoria and the University of Fort Hare, which, Bossert notes, “is the university that [Nelson] Mandela and many of the ANC leaders attended.”

ASELPH offers an integrated approach to professional development for South Africa’s health leaders. Its focus is on improving the skills of the practitioners and leaders who will drive a true health system transformation in South Africa.

Bossert’s personal focus is on decentralization of health systems, including the challenges of its execution and the nuanced relationship between decentralization and health sector performance.

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