Your life and the lessons you’ve learned matter.

There is a spectrum of popular personal history projects that enables you or a loved one to honor and preserve valuable memories. Among the different memoir formats are ethical wills, celebratory tributes, family cookbooks, home tributes, mini memoirs and life narratives. Discerning how to approach the most meaningful highlights of your life and weave them into a cohesive narrative can seem a monumental task. Our level of guidance can range from periodically reviewing and editing your writing on an hourly consulting basis….to ghost-writing your book-length memoir.

Choosing to honor your story by telling it is a gift you give yourself and others, and a privilege for us. To learn more about our personal history services, please visit

If you are looking for professional help with almost any aspect of documenting your legacy you could do what I did: search the web and spend a month vetting possible professionals.  When I selected Meg Pier for an extensive project I felt I made the best choice.  When we started working together I knew I had selected a highly skillful person:  Meg’s twenty-plus-years of broad experience, coupled with a spiritual center based in kindness, could not have been better.  What Meg offers is reasonable, consistently positive, highly professional, and very personal experience.  Doubtful you would find any better.

~John Oakley
Cambridge, New York

Meg Pier has developed an impressive expertise in helping people tell their stories. Meg has over 25 years of experience as a senior public relations professional. As a former colleague, I had first hand experience watching Meg put the spotlight on her client. Her reputation in the financial services industry is enviable. She continues to demonstrate that priceless skill of putting the client first as the creator and editor of, my favorite online travel site. Meg’s brilliant interviews
on her website are inspirational, insightful and educational.

When I came to a crossroads in my life, I immediately thought that Meg was the one person who could best help me to document my new journey. She asked me thought-provoking questions and recorded hours of interviews. Most of all she listened to what I had to say and then edited the interviews and distilled them into a wonderful manuscript which embodied my voice. I read parts of it (my ethical will, the manuscript, my personal story) out loud to my daughter, and she thought it was wonderful. She was worried that it would be sad and focused on end of life issues. She was pleasantly surprised that it was fun and full of life.
I not only love the final product,I have enjoyed the entire process.

~Judy Saryan
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Meg Pier interviewed me 23 times for my life story from September 2014 to May 2015. She completed a verbatim transcription and skillfully edited 186 pages of text in a relatively short period of time. Meg was always pleasant, dependable, flexible, and punctual. She was sensitive about the complexities of my home-life while managing a demanding career as choral conductor. I highly recommend Meg Pier to document your life story.

~Lorna Cooke deVaron
Cambridge, MA

In one fashion or another, I’ve been a professional writer throughout a 45-year career ranging from analyst for one of the bond rating agencies, to bond trader on Wall Street during the roarin’ 80s, to investor relations management and financial public relation consulting. My consistent objectives in writing were to communicate information with crystal clarity and gravity, and to sell my ideas—or, more preferably, to have my intended audience ratify my positions. I‘ve had a long history of working with professional editors, experiences I treasure because they’ve made me a better writer even when I have been humbled in the process.

In working with Meg, she brought out the best in my writing. On two occasions, I had written accounts of transformative experiences, each tied to the spirituality of the place and the moment. The first involved climbing a volcanic mountain in the Caribbean with a world-renowned guide, who claimed to have escaped death far more than nine times but was murdered days after our encounter. The second portrayed my attendance at a presidential inauguration where marvelous pageantry was directly juxtaposed with the hard realities of social injustice. Meg coached me about digging deeper within for meaning, extracting significance and framing context in a way that produced accounts which were original, authentic, sensitive, compelling, entertaining and, I hope, memorable.

~Timothy D. Green
Wellesley, Massachusetts

I struggled with writing an essay in which I interviewed a humanitarian who I volunteer with a few weeks of the year. My goal was to tell his history and what led him to become a humanitarian and interweave my experiences and observations in working with such a unique and rare individual. Meg guided me to tell the story in a cohesive fashion and with a fluidity that puts the reader in a stretch of time and place. I consulted with her during every draft until it was complete. Even now as I re-read my the essay,
I feel it could not have been written any better.

~Patricia Ferrer
Tucson, Arizona

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Meg about two life-long passions of mine: sailing and antique-collecting. This was followed by two very well-written articles that were well-received by others. The experience was great fun, both in the interviewing process, as well as the review and edit process, which took very little effort on my part, by the way. I enjoyed recalling instances and incidents when drawn out by Meg, and preserving some great memories and amusing pieces of the past.

~G. West Saltonstall, President Emeritus
Eaton Vance Investment Counsel